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The Wind Rose Hirundo Maris

This third album of Hirundo Maris on Carpe Diem Records is a musical journey along coasts and oceans, an ode to seafarers and travellers from ancient and modern times, to their lifes, hopes and dreams. The windrose points into all cardinal points, encompassing all different cultures and places on earth in its movement. In this sense, the songs on this album connect inner and outer travelling through music and poetry, just as countries and people are connected through oceans, currents and winds.

The Wind Rose Hirundo Maris

Also soundwise, this recording points to a new direction: The sound here is warmer, closer and more intimate than any other Hirundo Maris album so far! We offer the album as physical CD, or as MP3 and FLAC in 96 and 192 Khz. Here you can listen to music samples and also order it (worldwide delivery):


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